Gumbat گمبٹ , also known as Seni Gumbat, ‎ is one of the largest towns in Kohat District of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan.

It is situated in a valley on both side of the Kohat-Rawalpindi Road and is 25 km the district capital – Kohat. Gumbat means dome in Pashtoپښتو. As Buddhist remnants are common in Pashtunپښتون areas, in most probability there must have been a dome in the form of a stupa in this area. Like several Pashtunپښتون hamlets, this village was also called Gumbat (Gumbaat, in the Khattak dialect). Other spellings are Goombaad, Goombaat or Gunbat. Khushal Khan Khattakخوشحال خان خټک has mentioned Gumbat in his prose. Under the Teri Chiefs, Gumbat was the main village of the Sini Tappa; which changed to Seni, the name of the clan of Khattaks who live here. Gumbat, Tulanj (Toolaanj), Ghorizi (Ghorizai), Tilkan (Triknra) and surrounding villages were under the Khani of Gumbat (the Akor Khel Khans who are from Bazaar Tappa: descendants of Naibs of Gumbat).

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